Color EVA Film For Laminated Glass


1)  Good color fastness: Most of color EVA in the market will appear color fading under 100h-300h UV accelerated aging test, Switch color EVA can reach to 1000h, and color changing is invisible.

2)  No pigment precipitation: After long time using, no pigment precipitation.

3)  High bond strength with glass: Overcome the constant bond strength reduction which is due to color oil transference, improve the bond strength with glass substantially.

EVA Film for PDLC Glass


S002 series EVA film for PDLC /switchable glass has excellent climate resistance. Besides, it has excellent good bonding strength with both of glass and PET, excellent definition and low haze. It can ensure the stable quality and long life time of PDLC glass. 

Clear EVA Film For Laminated Glass


a. S001 can be processing at a relative low temperature, with high transparency, high definition.  

b. Excellent anti-aging properties, stable performance, can keep high definition, high bond strength, yellowing resistance in long period.