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Nanjing EVA interlayer Co., Ltd. is a professional EVA Interlayer Film company. The main products are: Clear EVA film for safety glassClear EVA film for Intelligent dimming glassColor EVA film, White EVA film and frosted EVA film. Our products lead the industry in terms of Transparency, ageing-resistant performance, Bonding strength with glass. In addition, Relying on the company further research of glass and EVA formula,the products have never abnormal complaints.

Our EVA films are mainly used in the PDLC laminated glass, architectural safety glass, smart glass, touch screen glass, art glass, etc.

S001 series EVA film for safety glass has excellent ageing-resistant performance, as good as EVA film for solar panel. It promises the long life of product.

S002 series EVA film for PDLC /switchable glass has excellent climate resistance. Besides, it has excellent good bonding strength with both of glass and PET, excellent definition and low haze. It can ensure the stable quality and long life time of PDLC glass.

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